From the desk of Chairman

Hon. Haribhau Kisanrao Bagde


Pandit Dindayal Upadhayay Education Society is established with motif of all over development of the students of the rural and excluded society. Hence Institute is committed to enrich educational centres with all sort of basic facilities. For that purpose the education centre has developed its own system which is supportive to objectives and mission of Institute. They have acknowledged success in achieving its goal for providing quality education. All concerned factors including management, executive committee, teachers, non-teaching staff, parents and well- wishers to achieve cited purpose. Institution at some extent obtained success in developing new techniques of schooling management in government granted schools. Institute is trying its best to follow the philosophy of Pandit Dindayal Upadhayay and practicing in practical life. Parents are satisfied with the Institution for its all over performance and contribution in educational field. Their support would definitely inspire our institute in creating value based, sensitized and versatile youth generation in future. On the basis of that I am sure that the new generation through sustainable development can fulfill the dream of powerful India.

~ Hon. Haribhau Kisanrao Bagde

“Empowering Education Through Innovation”