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About Department

The Department of History of Savta College dates its origin to the inception of Savata College in 1997. This department develop in students understand society and their place within it; the sense of chronology; knowledge and understanding of historical development; the skill of enquiry, investigation, analysis, evaluation and presentation. It is a composite department teaching courses in India as well as non-Indian History. In 2017s it collaborated with Rajashri Shahu college, Pathri; to celebrated Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Birth Anniversary and faculty exchange as external examiner.



B. A. First Year

Semester -Ist
Paper No. 01 :- Shivaji And His Times (A.D. 1630-A.D.1707)
Paper No. 02:- History Of Modern Maharashtra(A.D. 1818-A.D.1905)
Semester IInd
Paper No. 03:- History Of The Maratha’s(A.D. 1707 – A.D. 1818)
Paper No. 04:- Twentieth Century Maharashtra (A.D. 1905 – A.D. 1960)

B. A. Second Year

Semester IIIrd
Paper No. 05-History Of Early India (Upto B.C. 300)
Paper No.06-History Of Delhi Saltanat (A.D. 1200-A.D.1526)  Or
Paper No. 06:- British Rule In India (A.D 1757 A.D 1857)
Semester IVth
Paper No. 07 – History Of India (B.C.300 – A. D. 650)
Paper No. 08 – History Of Mughal Indla (A.D.1526-A.D.1757) Or
Paper No. 08 – History Of Early Medieval India (650-1200 A.D) Or
Paper No 08: History Of Soviat Union (1917-1985)

B. A. Third Year

Semester Vth
Paper No. 09: Historiography
Paper No. 10: History Of Indian Freedom Movement (A.D. 1885-A.D. 1947)
Paper No. 11 – Women’s Struggle In Modern India (A.D. 1850-A.D. 1947)
Paper No. 11 – History Of Modern China (1900-1950)
Paper No. 11 – History Of India (1757-1885)
Paper No. 12 & 16:- Project Work
Semester VIth
Paper No. 13 – Fields Of History (Archaecology, Museology, Tourism)
Paper No. 14 – Landmarks In The History Of Modern World.
Paper No. 15 – Glimpses Of The History Of Marathwada (U.P. To A.D. 1948)
Paper No. 15 – Nationalist Movement In South-East-Asia

About Faculty

Vijay Pande

Associate Professor

Dinesh Kachkure

Associate Professor


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